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Q: Let's delve into the heart of A.M.F Lipstick. Can you share the inspiration behind the tagline "Dare to make a beauty statement"?

A: Absolutely. "Dare to make a beauty statement" encapsulates the essence of A.M.F Lipstick. I wanted to challenge the conventional notions of beauty and encourage individuals to boldly express themselves through makeup. It's a call to step out of comfort zones, embrace uniqueness, and redefine beauty on your terms.

Q: The intersection of beauty, romance, and feminism is a distinctive feature of your brand. How did these elements come together to shape A.M.F Lipstick?

A: For me, beauty, romance, and feminism are intertwined threads that make life vibrant. A.M.F Lipstick is an extension of that philosophy. Beauty goes beyond appearances; it's about self-love, passion, and empowerment.

Q: Tell us more about the role of feminism in A.M.F Lipstick. How does the brand contribute to empowering women?

A:  A.M.F Lipstick is a medium through which I aim to empower women to express themselves fearlessly. It's not just about the lipstick; it's about creating a space where every wearer feels empowered, confident, and proud of their uniqueness.

Q: The brand's emphasis on storytelling is intriguing. How does each lipstick shade tell a story?

A: Each shade in the collection is inspired by a moment in my life. Being a hopeless romantic, I've been fortunate enough to experience some incredibly romantic encounters, and the idea of sharing glimpses of my life on a larger scale, but in a creative way, has been immensely enjoyable! It sparked this notion within me – how incredible it would be to offer a platform for others to share their stories too. I love to kiss in tell with my friends. Whether it's during our casual girl talk sessions, over brunch, or during late-night 3-way calls where nothing is off the table, we delve into the juiciest, most candid stories. It's these moments of openness and connection that I cherish, and I wanted to bring that same spirit of sharing and camaraderie to A.M.F Lipstick.

Q: A.M.F Lipstick is more than just a product. How does the brand foster a sense of community among its wearers?

A: Community is at the heart of A.M.F Lipstick. We share stories, celebrate diverse beauty, and encourage each other to embrace our passions. The community is a collective space where individuals become storytellers, contributing to a narrative of empowerment, self-expression, and shared experiences.

Q: As we wrap up, what do you hope individuals feel when they dare to make a beauty statement with A.M.F Lipstick?

A: I hope they feel liberated, confident, and inspired. A.M.F Lipstick is a vessel for self-expression and empowerment. I want every individual to embrace their unique beauty, challenge norms, and feel a sense of belonging within the A.M.F Lipstick community.


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