Share Your A.M.F LIPSTICK Story - Kiss and Tell!

We want to hear all about your experiences wearing A.M.F. LIPSTICK. Whether it's a romantic dinner, a lavish vacation, a night out with friends, or a casual brunch, we want to know about the bold and beautiful statements you made while wearing our lipstick. Don't be shy, spill the tea (but not too much!).
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I told my husband about how I love this brand and that he needs to be more romantic. The next day I wore Bed of Roses on our date night and woke up to rose petals covering my bed lol! I think he visited the website lol! Thanks AMF! I love your colors !

Bed of Roses

I wore kiss me on a date! We sat in a tree and he played the guitar and sang to me. It felt so magical! I was so smitten by the end of the song , I kissed him instead of waiting for him to kiss me! We almost fell all the darn tree! It was definitely a moment!


Just a few months ago, I made a firm decision to reclaim my health. Slowly but surely, the pounds melted away, shedding not just the physical weight but also the burdens I had carried for so long. And tonight, as I prepared for my first date in years, I felt a sense of anticipation mixed with a hint of trepidation, but I swiped on my A.M.F LIPSTICK, chose to be fearless and headed out the door. Stepping into the cozy café, I scanned the room nervously until my eyes met his – Alex, sitting at a corner table with a smile that lit up his face. Relief washed over me as we shared stories and dreams over cups of steaming coffee. And amidst the chatter and the laughter, I felt a shift inside me – a sense of belonging, of being seen for who I truly was. As the evening drew to a close, Alex reached across the table, his hand brushing against mine gently. “You’re even more beautiful than I imagined,”.
In that moment, I knew that I had found something special – not just in Alex, but within myself. I am happy that I didn’t let my self-doubt get the best of me and that I chose to be fearless!


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