Share Your A.M.F LIPSTICK Story - Kiss and Tell!

We want to hear all about your experiences wearing A.M.F. LIPSTICK. Whether it's a romantic dinner, a lavish vacation, a night out with friends, or a casual brunch, we want to know about the bold and beautiful statements you made while wearing our lipstick. Don't be shy, spill the tea (but not too much!).
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My Fiancé said “I’ve never seen you wear brown lipstick before. Your lips look good!!” I responded with," Do you like CHOCOLATE CAKE"?

Chocolate Cake

I usually wear red lipstick, but I wanted to opt for something different. I wore LUST to a gala and I received so many compliments. I definitely felt like I a made a beauty statement with the beautiful purple shade. I love how the owner mentioned for me to line my lips with a black lip liner first. It created a beautiful ombre effect. I felt so GORGEOUS! Lust was in the air ;)


After a long day at the office, I returned home to unwind with my favorite wine. As I lifted the glass to my lips, the sight of the lipstick print brought a smile to my face. It struck me as amusing – was I already tipsy? Why was a lipstick print making me smile? But then I realized, I was smiling because I was content. Despite being alone, I felt grateful for the milestones I’ve achieved: the job I love, my beautiful high-rise condo, and the indulgence of a fine bottle of wine. Even in my fatigue, I felt a sense of satisfaction and happiness. With that realization, I happily poured myself another glass, toasting to the journey of an amazing and empowered woman. Cheers to being an amazing, magnificent female. #AMF

Drenched in Wine

Just Gorgeous! I love this color! I usually do not wear lipstick when I go swimming, but I wanted to do something different! I dared to be bold! I wore this color to a pool party since it’s transfer proof! Hunny!!! When I tell you I rose from the water feeling like a beautiful mermaid! I know people were looking at my lipstick and wondering how it was still on my face! I received so many compliments that day! I had a great day!! I am sure a few of them will remember me in their dreams!! wink wink!!

Wett Dreams

I wanted to share something unexpected – I never thought I’d feel beautiful in yellow lipstick, but I was proven wrong! After applying primer and lip liner, the result was surprisingly stunning. I wore this bold shade for a photoshoot recently, and the photographer’s reaction was priceless. “OMG, these shots are beautiful!” he exclaimed, unaware of the clever coincidence with the lipstick’s name, “OMG”.


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